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  Hurricane Matthew was our first evacuation which was a 6 day evacuation. The Animal Advocates moved their adoptable animals to Allendale Correctional Institute. Warden Pate allowed the inmates to keep them there to make room for the 39 animals that we brought from Beaufort to the Friends for Life Adoption Center. The Wag Staff at the center, the inmates and Warden Pate at ACI, the volunteers who helped care for the animals and brought food for us, and my family, Gene, Erin, Cammie and Rob. THANK YOU! You made it possible!

Then came Irma! We did it all over only with MORE animals! 44 pets in tow, we made our way right back to Barnwell where we had a 5 day stay with a familiar sense of safety from the storm. For those who want to know what a real friend is, go to ACI and meet the inmates and Warden Pate and the Friends for Life Center's Wag Staff and you will! 

Hurricane Evacuation 

  Because we want to be efficient while evacuating, Tara has completed Beaufort's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program and is prepared to organize and complete the mission as safe as possible.  
  In the event of evacuation, our goal is to transport your pet to Barwell,SC. where he will be kept safely until we can return. The Animal Advocates have graciously approved the Friends For Life Center as our Evacuation Destination. The center is a 5000+ square foot dog and cat rescue facility situated on 13 acres and is located:
10975 Marlboro Avenue/Hwy 3
       Barnwell, S.C.  29912
        803-259-LIVE (5483)

We WILL NOT transport any animal without a rabies tag AND current vet records indicating that your pet is current on all vaccines. You will be updated of the status of our journey and you will also have our cell phone #'s to call us at any time and you are welcome to follow us to the facility. Shelter for you will be at a Barnwell School, located near where we will be with your pet. There are also hotels in the area. We will be with the animals in our care during the entire trip.

Check List
Rabies Tag
Vet Records  ---- DOG'S must have (RABIES, DISTEMPER & BORDETELLA)
                          CAT'S - - (RABIES, FVR-CP)
Please label all items.

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