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About Us
  TARA'S Mobile Grooming is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we attend
workshops throughout the year and use this knowledge on a daily basis. We offer breed-specific grooming and modified grooming to each individual non-specific breeds.
Erin, groomer and instructor, graduated Barnwell High School in 2005, where she received the BB and Edwina Baxley Scholarship and the Lonnie Lane Memorial Scholarship, which she redeemed at Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Ky. Erin has worked at the Barnwell County Animal Shelter and has been active in the family business since 8th grade, when she attended her first Atlanta Pet Fair workshop and lecture . AND she is active in animal rescue groups! Her latest interest is in grooming competitions, in both Atlanta and Orlando.Erin is the proud owner of Leroy, beagle/lab X, Red, Caroline, Bandit & Smokey American Bulldogs.
  Owner, groomer and instructor, Tara has been in the pet industry for 27+ years. It all started in 1990, when she rescued 2 Lhasa Apsos that were matted and required a groomer. It was the beginning of a career that wasn't at all planned. First she 'helped' her groomer on occasion and that led to a more rescues and more knowledge. Then she quit her 'real job' and bought equipment and supplies while apprenticing with a groomer. By 1995, Tara was operating her own shop that grew into a boarding facility after meeting her husband Gene. In 2007, Gene retired and they moved to Beaufort, SC where Tara helped newcomers to the industry to open their own facilities. She also started East Coast Grooming School and continues to teach and mentor. Tara has received many awards over the years, with the most recent being The Animal Advocates first Friends For Life Award. Tara has been in the show ring with mascot Captain Jack, serves as a foster Mom for animals in need, was a founding board member of the Animal Advocates, member of NDGAA, member of Beaufort Kennel Club and has served on the Barnwell County Shelter Board. How does she do it? " It's a labor of love" she says.

East Coast Grooming School and Tara's most recent adventure has been to teach her grooming skills to inmates at The Allendale Correctional Institute as part of the Character Building program. Providing job skills to inmates allows them to be productive members of society when released. This is all a volunteer effort initiated by The Animal Advocates of Barnwell, S.C.   In just 4 years, 75% of the the inmates participating in animal programs at ACI that have been released are now working in the pet industry.


Tara and Gene have 3 dogs.
Captain Jack  
My first 'Big Boy' Haircut!!




 The Skipper 
 Day Care wiped me out!





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